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Self-care is not one size fits all, and neither is skin care. When it comes to our well-being and the health of our skin, we have the opportunity to design a skin care regimen that addresses our unique needs—and that’s where the Herbal Academy’s Botanical Skin Care Course and Recipe Book come in!

If you are ready and inspired to dive deep into the practice of skin care as self care, don’t miss out on their botanical skin care bundle deal, offered for a limited time.

Now through February 27th, save 15% when you register for the course and upgrade your enrollment with the ever-popular Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book, featuring radiant, herbalist-approved body care recipes from the course. Gorgeously illustrated and compact, this keepsake is sure to dazzle your eyes and heart––it’s a looker!

Set a course for your skin care journey, and see how your overall self care changes for the better.