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You may not always eat healthy, but you smell healthy every day with the Lemongrass Bath Soak. It’s the perfect addition to your bath routine to melt away tension and stress.


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INGREDIENTS: Pink Himalayan salt*, Epsom salt*, Dead Sea salt*, jojoba oil*, vitamin e oil*, lemongrass essential oil*, sweet marjoram essential oil*

*organic ingredient

Remember that smell of health when you walked into your favorite juice bar?

Well, this is not your typical juice bar. This Lemongrass Bath Soak smells absolutely amazing, and is made with organic lemongrass and sweet marjoram essential oils. So, in addition to the benefits of a general bath soak, you also get the benefits of the essential oils.

Not sure what lemongrass and sweet marjoram essential oils do for the body?

Well, here’s the rundown:

Besides smelling amazing, lemongrass and sweet marjoram essential oils help relieve muscular aches and pains in order to make your bath routine the most relaxing possible.

The Lemongrass Bath Soak is the best bath salt, and contain Himalayan and Epsom salts to help soothe sore muscles, reduce fatigue, and promote overall relaxation. That means relief from muscle pain and stiffness, anxiety and stress. The Dead Sea salt in the bath soak treats conditions like eczema and psoriasis for those who are prone to those conditions.

The Lemongrass Bath Soak is made with the best organic salts and oils so that you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin. That means you can unwind in your bath (maybe with some chocolate or wine?), and relax those sore muscles or just calm yourself from a day of fatigue. There’s no better way to end a day.

Looking for a more emollient bath experience? Protect your skin even more from the hot waters of you bath or shower routine by adding a Bath and Body Oil. Add it to your water along with your bath soak. Towel dry when done and enjoy the sheen and softness of moisturized skin right out of the bath or shower.

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