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An organic sanitizer spray that both both protective (it’s made with 95% ethyl alcohol) and smells good. It’s made of booze, that doesn’t mean you have to smell like a brewery.

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The best ALL NATURAL hand sanitizer that hydrates and protects.

  • This aloe vera natural sanitizer spray helps provide you with clean hands and keeps your world clean when soap and water aren’t available.
  • Contains conditioning ingredients that keep your hands soft and moisturized with every use.
  • Smells amazing…nuf said.

This is no ordinary sanitizer spray. This addition to CaLoveCo.’s Body Collection is an organic hand sanitizer full of skin conditioning agents and made with organic, natural 190 proof (95%) ethanol (aka ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer), instead of that drying man-made isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. And the best part? It’s scented…

Choose from Jasmine or Rose if floral is what you like, Citrus for a scented pick-me-up, or Lavender or Tea Tree Eucalyptus for something a little more herbal if that’s your taste. No matter what you choose, this alcohol spray sanitizer is guaranteed to leave you feeling clean and smelling amazing. 

Lavender, Citrus, and Tea Tree Eucalyptus contain organic essential oils for anyone who wants an essential oil hand sanitizer.

The organic hand sanitizer spray comes in 4 sizes: 1oz hand sanitizer so you can test if you like it, the handy 2oz hand sanitizer is a TSA friendly travel size, and 4oz or 8oz bottle of hand sanitizer (our larger hand sanitizer) to take your cleansing efforts even further.

Please note that CaLoveCo.’s organic hand sanitizer is an ethanol hand sanitizer spray rather than a gel with a pump. Spray as much of the hand sanitizer as needed to cover your hands, then rub your hands together. The spray dries very quickly, but your favorite fragrance lingers. There’s no overwhelming scent of alcohol with this natural hand sanitizer. And it works on more than just hands. Spray it on frequently touched objects to keep them clean. And no worries about what you’re putting on your body, because this sanitizer spray is made with all natural ingredients. This hand sanitizer is perfect for anyone looking to feel clean when soap and water aren’t an option.

INGREDIENTS: **190 proof cane (sugar) ethanol, **aloe vera juice, **glycerin, **fragrance, panthenol, cocamidopropyl betaine.

**organic ingredient

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Lavender, Citrus, Tea Tree Eucalyptus


1oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz


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