Remember high school sex ed and learning about the body’s erogenous zones? Yeah, me neither. But you probably figured out through experience that your body is one giant erogenous zone when touched the right way, with some spots being more…sensitive…than others. 

What better way to get your whole body tingling than by incorporating sensual massages and a body massage oil into your sexy time routine? Here’s everything you need to know about finding the best massage oil and why you should be using it.

HALT. Before we dive into all the particulars of using a body massage oil for intimacy, disclaimer: body massage oils are great for creating intimacy with a partner, but they should not be confused with lube. Most body massage oils are oil-based, and oil products degrade latex…which means unintentional holes in condoms and condoms that break. Oil products are also bad for toys that are made from latex.

So, just to be safe, your massage oil and your lube should be separate products.

Okay. On with the post.

Why intimate massages are important

I know…when you’re really into someone, most folks don’t need an excuse to get intimate. But the feel-good endorphins and oxytocin that get produced from intimacy might offer some health benefits.

Of course massages help relax muscles and relieve tension, but did you know that a massage can increase feelings of intimacy between partners, increase feelings of euphoria, and might even improve sexual performance?

In fact, studies show that holding hands, or sharing a hug or massage with someone you trust before a stressful task, like giving a speech, can reduce your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your stress hormones. What’s more, all of these effects of intimate touch and affection may even boost your immune system and make you a more healthy person in general. 

So, there aren’t a ton of cons to using massage oils for intimacy, but there are definitely some benefits to keep in mind to ensure you choose the best massage oil for your needs.

What to look for in a massage oil

  • Allergens – Always check the list of ingredients for anything you might be allergic to. I know it sounds like common sense, but some people need to be told. So, if you’re allergic to something on the list of ingredients, look elsewhere for your perfect massage oil.
  • Natural ingredients – Your best bet is to look for products that are free from controversial ingredients like parabens, hexanes, and sulfates. If you’re someone with skin sensitivities, you might find that avoiding these ingredients and synthetics leaves your skin feeling better. Consider scented massage oils. A massage oil scented with essential oils is an awesome way to heighten the mood using aromas while still using natural ingredients. 
  • Dark containers – clear containers can be pretty and showcase any herbal botanicals that may be in the container. But clear containers can also expose your oils to heat and light, which can degrade the oils and speed up rancidity. Instead, look for oils that are packaged in dark containers, like amber, green, and blue bottles, which are more likely to have UV protection that  will protect your oils from UV and heat exposure. That means massage oils that last longer.
  • Does double duty – a massage oil made with natural and healthful ingredients can also double as a moisturizer to keep your skin feeling healthy, smooth, and touchably soft. The right oil can help repair your skin from the damage done by shaving, a hot shower, or even using the wrong soap on your skin. It’s a perfect way to soften and moisturize your skin before an encounter of the intimate kind. 

Understand YOUR needs for a good massage

No single massage oil is likely to check all the boxes you need, but don’t let that put a damper on your intimate massage time. A natural massage oil is always best, but keep in mind that natural oils don’t work well with latex condoms and toys made of latex. Oils, including stuff like Vaseline, degrade latex and make condoms ineffective and toys unsafe.

On the other hand, if you want an edible oil, looking for natural ingredients is a good place to start. But always make sure the oil is labeled as edible, or that you can confirm from the manufacturer that the oil is edible.

You want a consistency that isn’t too thick to be spreadable, and an oil that is absorbent so that your sheets aren’t a total lost cause at the end of the night (or day). And don’t forget to choose a scent that appeals to both you and your partner (or partners). Aromas can affect feelings of arousal, so choose one that everybody likes to increase that feeling of intimacy.