Have you ever used a body oil? If you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out. Why? Because there is no better way to obtain and maintain that noticeable skin glow that everyone talks about. And I’m not talking about that pregnancy glow. You can get that kind of glow without being pregnant.

Yeah, that’s what body oils can do.

But all the fun and kidding aside, body oils really do serve an important purpose in your skin care routine.

Ever towel off after a hot shower and your skin feels so tight that all you can think about is finding the nearest bottle of lotion and slathering yourself in it?

What about after shaving body hair? Ever get that tingling or slightly numb sensation on your skin?

These are all symptoms of having disrupted your skin’s natural lipid layer of protection and your skin going into overdrive trying to protect and repair itself.

So what do you do? Reach for your lotion?

Well…one of the main ingredients in lotion is water. But your skin’s protective lipid layer is made of oils fats. And high school chem says water and oil don’t mix. Plus, most of the oils in lotions are near the bottom of the ingredients list, where they do the least good.

So, if your fave lotion isn’t the best remedy, what do you do?

Body oils can help your skin repair itself faster by feeding your cells the nutrients they need right away. Yes, your body needs water for hydration. But regular use of a body oils helps keep water from leaving your skin. And using the right oils can help repair the look of skin, leaving you with a luscious, healthy glow.

How to Use a Body Oil?

A body oil can be used in a variety of ways. It’s perfect to help quickly repair your skin from the damage done by shaving, a hot shower, or even using the wrong detergents (i.e. harsh soap) on your skin.

It’s wonderful during bath time to help protect your skin from prolonged periods in hot water. That way, you can relax knowing your skin is going to be okay. Plus, the best body oils for glowing skin have fewer issues related UTIs compared to bath bombs.

And if you or your partner loves a massage, using a best body oil during a massage session is another way to say “I care.” There are tons of benefits when it comes to increasing feelings of intimacy, especially with massages. And who can turn down the glow that comes after a satisfying massage?

What to Look for in the Best Body Oil for Glowing Skin

Allergens – I know it may sound like common sense, but some folks need to be told. Check the ingredients, and don’t use products that contain ingredients you’re allergic to.

Natural is always better – Look for body oils that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Body oils are fairly simple products, so they don’t need preservatives or lots of complicated ingredients. If you see a list of ingredients and you don’t understand what they are, look elsewhere for your perfect body oil.

Dark containers – Dark containers protect oils from UV light, which helps the oils last long and not go rancid as quickly. If you can, purchase oils that come in dark containers (like amber, blue, green, or black). They’re not at pretty to look at for sure, but those dark containers really do help extend the shelf life of your favorite body oils.

Does double duty – Who doesn’t love a product that overdelivers? If the body oil you choose offers you more than the best skincare glow, why not buy it? I’m a big fan of body oils that do double duty, so if my body oil makes my skin glisten and brings me and my loved one that much closer together, well that’s my go-to product for sure.

Okay, maybe that was TMI, but incorporating body oils into your self care (or sensual care) routine has a lot of benefits. Did you know that physical contact between yourself and someone you really care about can lower the stress hormones in your body and boost your immunity? Basically you become a healthier person. There aren’t a lot of cons to adding a body oil to your skin care routine, but there are definitely some pros. Consider trying them out. You won’t be disappointed. Have fun!