Week one of the Ayurvedic Hair Care Challenge focused on a single product: the Cassia + Curls + Moisture Mask from Henna Sooq.

I used this mask for the first time ever. I’m not sure what to say about it, because it might be meant for a porosity type different from mine. According to the Ayurvedic course that comes with the challenge, this particular product is meant to imbue moisture to dry hair strands.

But what if your hair isn’t dry?

That’s the problem I faced when trying to decide how to talk about the product. I don’t have naturally dry hair, so this mask doesn’t do much for me.

Here’s what I can tell you about the product.

  1. You need to put it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it. So, if you’re more spontaneous when it comes to your hair care routine, this one might mot be the best product to use.
  2. Stir well. The solids and the liquids might be separated when you pour the package contents into a bowl, so you’ll need to mix everything together to make sure the solids and liquids are incorporated.
  3. The application is crazy messy. Don’t wear any clothing of value if your hair touches your shoulders. Luckily, it doesn’t stain.

As I used the product, here’s what came to mind:

  1. I can’t detangle with this product. I tried while it was still in, but it caused even more mess and droplets everywhere. So, I rinsed it out. Then I applied my fave conditioner and deep conditioned my hair so that I could detangle it. Personally, I’m interested in products that reduce my haircare routine, not add extra steps to them.
  2. I would use this product again, but in the same way I would use henna in my henna gloss treatment. I’d take a quarter or half of the package and mix it with my favorite conditioner. That way, I can do a deep conditioning treatment and detangle. And you can freeze the excess Cassia Moisture Mask.
  3. If you have longer hair (anything past shoulder length), this product is a single-use package. So be prepared to use it once and not have anything left over if your hair is longer.

I understand that when it comes to taking care of your hair with natural ingredients, everyone is different. So, with that in mind, I wanted to give my individual experience. Again, I’m not someone who experiences issues with dryness, so my experience may not be typical. In all, someone with hair that tends more toward dry might benefit from using this mask, but anyone who has their dryness under control won’t get much extra benefit from this mask.