You Are Why We Do What We Do


Taleiah Todd-Hill, CaLoveCo. Founder

Taking  care of yourself isn’t always eating right 100% of the time or going to the gym 7 days a week. Real life involves jobs, kids, spouses and significant others, friends, family, and a host of other obligations. But sometimes, you need some time for yourself, am I right? Because taking some me-time allows you to recharge you batteries so you can be #1 at your job, be the best parent to your kids, be the best spouse or significant other, be the best friend, be the support for family, and kick ass at whatever other obligation you have. 
Have you ever researched online for a product to soothe a very basic need and been overwhelmed with tons on links and products that aren’t what you’re looking for? Hi. My name is Taleiah. I’m the founder and creator of CaLoveCO, aka The California Love Company. 
CaLoveCo. is here for when you need some me-time to take care of you so you can re-power your batteries and be the best you. Simple ingredients and formulations to fit your immediate needs. Because, you can take better care of loved ones when you feel your best self. And you can take better care of yourself when you feel good. 
Self-care differs for every person, so do self-care your way to meet your personal needs. What CaLoveCo. offers is more than mass-manufactured products with tons of extra-strong preservatives and artificial fragrances so that products last for years in storage and on store shelves. Even though the idea of immortality is enticing, who really wants to be a Twinkie? 
CaLoveCo. sources the best in organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients to make sure you get the best in natural skin care using healthful ingredients. With handcrafted skincare products from CaLoveCo., self-care isn’t just a dream. Imagine feet and hands free of thick calluses, and cuticles free of hangnails and cracks. Imagine skin free of eczema and dry flakes. 
Or maybe think about having self-care fun time with a significant other (and others). CaLoveCo. allows you to do just that. CaLoveCo.’s aim is to enable you to practice self-care in a manner consistent with sustainable practices and natural ingredients, but to do self-care your way (i.e. having wine a few nights a week, cuddling up with a good book). You deserve it. 
Maybe it’s curling up with a favorite book. Or ordering in when eating your own cooking becomes unbearable. In a world constantly telling you how to take care of yourself, there’s a less aggressive option that you can add to your self-care routine that will make your body and soul sing.
CaLoveCo. provides natural skin care products using ingredients that are natural, vegan and organic as much as possible. CaLoveCo. is your one-stop shop in the best all natural skin care so that you can practice self care your way. Don’t forget, self care is a must and you deserve it.
Whatever your needs, CaLoveCo. is here to help you meet them.
I’d love to chat with you more about your specific natural skin care and hair care challenges. You can email me at Or, if you just want to shop, you can visit my site at