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You Are Why We Do What We Do


Taleiah Todd-Hill, CaLoveCo. Founder

Hi. My name is Taleiah and I’m the founder of CaLoveCo, also known as The California Love Company. CaLoveCo. provides natural body care products using ingredients that are natural, vegan and organic as much as possible. I’m your one-stop shop in the best healthful skin care so that you can take care of you when you need to. Because sometimes self care is a must. And also because you deserve it.
Self care is different for everyone. Maybe it’s having a glass of wine (or a bottle) or some chocolate at the end of a particularly long day. You do you. Because even though self-care is for everyone, it’s also individual.
Maybe it’s curling up with a favorite book. Or ordering in when eating your own cooking becomes unbearable. 
Whatever your needs, CaLoveCo. is here to help you meet them.
CaLoveCo. is #takecareofyou

Take care of yourself and have fun doing it. Because you deserve it.
CaLoveCo.’s all natural products supply antioxidants that slow down the aging process and natural ingredients that your skin will love. That means, no harsh chemicals or harmful preservatives that will cause the “Twinkie” phenomenon. I mean, the idea of immortality is nice and all, but some things just shouldn’t live forever. Like Twinkies. And your natural body care products. Those should have a shelf life. With CaLoveCo., you’re always getting the best ingredients in your natural body care products.
All of our ingredients are sourced organic and fair trade much as possible. And let’s face it. There are some cheaper options out there, but cheaper isn’t always better. Especially where our bodies, the environment, and the planet are concerned. We provide the best in natural body skin care products. Plus, you’re supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship both here and in developing nations. It’s the American dream, right? 
I’d love to chat with you more about your specific body care challenges, whether that be skin or hair. You can email me at hello@caloveco.com. Or, if you just want to shop, you can visit my site at caloveco.com.