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All of CaLoveCo.’s natural body products use ingredients that are sourced from fair trade suppliers whenever possible. We actively search for ingredients that are sourced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner to provide you with the best in body care products.



Every body deserves the best. That means providing body skin care products that use organic ingredients without the high-end price tag. The right to be healthy and to look and feel your best belongs to everyone. All CaLoveCo. products incorporate organic ingredients as much as possible to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and getting the best for your body.



CaLoveCo. is proudly a black-owned and woman-owned business. Many of our ingredients and natural body products are a reflection of black history and the black community.

CaLoveCo. | The California Love Company is a provider of handmade natural body care products with a focus on fair trade and sustainably sourced ingredients. We use all natural ingredients at all times and incorporate organic ingredients whenever possible, all while keeping prices reasonable. We know how important quality and affordability are to you, and we strive to be the best at providing you just that. We hand make every product. Many are made at the time of your order to ensure you get the freshest body skin care products available. Our products don’t sit in storage for months and years until they reach store shelves for you to buy. We take pride in our work as a black-owned and woman-operated business. The CaLoveCo. brand is committed to communicating and engaging with our customers and followers, as well as providing you with the best organic brand of body products for you and your loved ones. We have built a brand that you can trust with all of your organic body care needs. Come shop with us and get your best skin ever. Because every body deserves the best.​
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Love this Coco-Love Body Butter!!!! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and so smooth!!! It is a natural whipped butter with Shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe and smells great!! There are so many other ways than just on your skin to use this product!! Cuticles, feet, and hair!! It's so lightweight it doesn't feel heavy or weigh my hair down! I just want to take a little bit of time and thank Ms. Taleiah, the founder of @caloveco for sending me this great product!!! She strives to make her customers happy and all her items are all made from natural products. You can tell she loves her customers and wants them to have GREAT natural products. There are no added essential oils or coloring and it just makes me love CaLoveCo even more. If you're looking for the best body butter I suggest you give @caloveco a try!!!!​
Ebony Rose​
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If you haven't tried @caloveco body butters you are missing out on a treat. IT'S AMAZING!!!! It makes my skin and hair feel so soft. I also love the sheen it leaves on my skin.​
Izzy Drake​
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I just received and tried out the body butter and I love it! The consistency is great and I like how it seems to just soak into my skin. I'm also obsessed with how natural and free of chemicals it is. I'll definitely be telling my friends about it.​
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I purchased the body butter on a whim at a street fair and to support the business and I have to say I absolutely love it! It makes my skin feel amazing and it smells great! I have eczema and need to be careful of the types of moisturizers I use but the body butter has made my crusty eczema skin patches soft and supple! Thank you for the care you have obviously taken in creating this awesome product!